The digital document workflow is simplified with a single, agreed and tamper-proof source of truth.

TradeLens is built with a permissioned blockchain to guarantee the immutability  and traceability of shipping documents on the platform.

permissioned vs
permissionless blockchain

A platform for cooperation between businesses and authorities in the containerized freight supply chain.

the tradelens
document store

A platform for cooperation between businesses and authorities in the containerized freight supply chain.

The TradeLens Document Sharing

Documents associated with consignments or shipments are published to and retrieved from the TradeLens platform through its document sharing capability.

Access to the TradeLens documents is governed by a customizable permissioning framework.

1. Publish a document

A document can be published to the platform though the TradeLens web UI or via a secure API protocol.

2. Storage and encryption

Each time a document is published, a readable version is saved to the on-platform TradeLens Document Store. Simultaneously, an encrypted ‘hash’, or token, is saved to the blockchain ledger.

3. Retrieve a document

Users with correct permissions can request access to a document. This process generates a new token associated with the requested document.

4. Verify a document

The TradeLens platform then compares the new document-associated token with the original token saved to the ledger when the document was published. This process allows for users to verify the authenticity and immutability of reach retrieved document.

Permissionless blockchain

Permissionless blockchains are open ecosystems that let any user access and interact with the network.

Cryptocurrencies typically run on permissionless blockchains so they are distributed, transparent and able to offer nearly total anonymity.

Permissioned blockchain

Permissioned blockchains are private ecosystems in which only authorized users are granted access to join, view and publish data.

Permissioned users can securely record transactions and exchange information between one another. TradeLens uses a permissioned blockchain.